I don't use a food processor for general chopping — not worth it for garlic, and it cuts stuff like onions too finely. I want even, medium chunks, not a pile of sludge. For stuff like hummus though? Totally worth it. I am NOT about to eat crunchy hummus, and for that smoooooth consistency, you got to get with the… » 8/27/14 2:31pm Yesterday 2:31pm

Well, it's been a process of eye-opening moments that continue to this day. Back in high school, I was working on a Spanish assignment and used the word for "woman" interchangeably with "wife," like writing "his wife" as "his woman." A classmate was like WTF, and I showed her how the translation was correct, as per… » 8/27/14 2:05pm Yesterday 2:05pm

I figure Erick Gelhaus shot Andy Lopez the same way. Back turned, toy gun in hand, immediately opening fire without evaluating the situation or offering any chance to surrender. I'm sure the pause before they pulled the trigger seemed like a million years to the cops, but was just the blink of an eye in actual time.… » 8/27/14 10:53am Yesterday 10:53am

Back in 2008, an 8 year old named Christopher Bizlij went with his dad to the gun range to fire a full-auto mini Uzi. His dad was filming when he lost control of it and shot himself in the head. The person supervising him there is a 15 year old with no relevant certifications whatsoever. They charged the former… » 8/26/14 11:02pm Tuesday 11:02pm

I was talking with this guy I know today, and I brought up Ferguson because I wanted to see which would win out — his anti-authoritarian dislike of the police, or his antipathy towards black people. Black people won hands down, wasn't even close. All the usual distrust and skepticism about lying ass crooked cops… » 8/26/14 10:49pm Tuesday 10:49pm

Yeah, I didn't see the hair, and I don't want to second guess HoneyHeart, but women sometimes do sound the Pube Alert over body hair, whether from the chest or even just the arms. If you're questioning what it is, in Ronin, Robert De Niro said "Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt." True pubes are pretty… » 8/26/14 1:35pm Tuesday 1:35pm

Kind of reminds me of this dinner event where I sat next to a clone of Dolores Umbridge. The resemblance was uncanny. I finally had to explain how and why what she was saying was totally incorrect, and she straight-up trilled "I don't think so!" at me. Trilled right in my face, she did. » 8/26/14 1:58am Tuesday 1:58am

About that "killer instinct" cop stuff, Erick Gelhaus is this sheriff's deputy who had a side job writing articles for S.W.A.T. magazine that completely epitomized this Warrior Cop bullshit. Stuff like "Today is the day you may need to kill someone in order to go home. If you cannot turn on the 'mean gene' for… » 8/22/14 10:28pm Friday 10:28pm